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Beer Sheva and Arad

I spent this week working at Tel Esur in northern Israel, but there are still a couple of days left of the excavation, so I will wait until next week to tell you about it. For now, I will backtrack to another of the weekend adventures that I took during the Shiloh excavation this summer. […]

Adventures in Area C

This was my second week at Khirbet er-Rafid. I continued working in and co-supervising Area C. Four people made up the core team in Area C. I co-supervised the areawith an archaeology student from Ariel University. Another Ariel U. archaeology student worked with us, and an International student from Bar Ilan University completed the team. […]

Rafid, Shiloh’s “Older Sister”

Across the modern highway from biblical Shiloh lies another ancient site, Khirbet er-Rafid. The two sites flank a wide, fertile valley that is ideal for growing crops. Rafid lies near the ancient road that parallels the modern highway. Shiloh is farther from the ancient road, but nearer to the local water source, the Shiloh spring. […]

Back to Israel

I’m finally back in Israel after a lovely month-long visit home. The trip was long and tiring, but it went well. My parents took me to the airport on Thursday morning. My first flight, from Lewiston to Salt Lake City, was scheduled for shortly after noon, but it was delayed about 30 minutes. That didn’t […]


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Hi, I’m Abigail. I’m the assistant director of the Shiloh excavations in Israel and a PhD student at Ariel University. I love exploring, digging, and finding cool old stuff. I especially like caves, tunnels, and caverns.

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