By Sunday, most of the Shiloh dig team had left and I headed back to Ariel. I didn’t stay long, though. I carried my bags to my apartment, unpacked, repacked, and headed to Gitit, a nearby settlement. I spent the week there at a friend’s home.

She was out of town, so I stayed there to keep an eye on her children and pets. It was a busy household with three children, one dog, and multiple cats. I think that there were four or five cats, but they never stayed in one place long enough for me to count them.

I took the dog, a German Shepherd, on walks. Or maybe he took me on walks. We typically ended up going where he wanted to go as fast or as slow as he wanted to proceed, and we didn’t come back until he was good and ready. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was the one taking me on walks.

The cats were a little easier keep in line. There were several adult cats and one tiny kitten with big eyes and ears. Most of the cats did their own thing and came and went at will. At night, they decided that the best place to sleep was on my head. I did not think that this was a good place for them to sleep.

The children were by far the easiest part of the job. They got up in the morning, got something to eat, packed their own lunches and left for school. In the afternoon, they played quietly, did chores, and in the evening, the little girl insisted on cooking dinner for me and her brothers. She is a good cook.

On Thursday evening, my friend returned home and I returned to my apartment in Ariel. It was my first time sleeping in my own bed in almost two months. It was nice to be home.

But I’m not home for for long, because tomorrow I’m taking off to two weeks at the Tel Burna excavation.

4 responses to “Babysitting”

  1. I enjoy your updates, Abigail. You have an interesting life! Good for you for doing what makes you happpy.


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