To Schlep

Schlep is a Yiddish word with a wide range of uses. As a verb, it means “to haul or carry something awkward or heavy”. As a noun, it mean “a tedious or difficult journey.” A schlepper is a small crate or bag on wheels with a handle with which to pull it (this term can also refer to a not-so-intelligent person, so I just want to clarify that is not how I’m using the term) .

Since I don’t have a vehicle, I have to do a lot of schlepping. I have to schlep my groceries home from the supermarket. Going to Jerusalem by bus is a long schlep, and then I have to schlep the books that I buy at the bookstore back home with me. By the way, the last time I was in Jerusalem, I got a totally awesome book on Bronze and Iron Age burial caves.

I tried ordering some stuff online. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work since I live in a dorm. Yesterday, I got a text message saying that I could pick up my package at a candy store halfway across town. I was confused, but I walked to the store. Sure enough, it was a dual purpose store. It was a package-pickup location combined with a candy store. I collected my package and schlepped it back to my dorm.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a blog post that I was having difficulty finding a way to scan the maps and plans that I needed for my research proposal. Shortly afterwards, more than one of my kind and generous friends (you know who you are!) contacted me and offered to purchase a scanner for me.

It was very thoughtful of them, but there was a problem. The closest electronics store is at the other end of Ariel. It’s about three miles away. Going there is all downhill, which means that coming back is uphill. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to schlep the scanner back from the store.

I had seen people using schleppers, and I thought that if I had one, it might help. The problem was, that none of the stores nearby sell them. I didn’t know where I could get one. Then, I got a call from one of the ladies in the pottery lab. She needed help moving some heavy bags. Of course, I was happy to help. I headed up to the lab and walked with her to her car. In the car, she had three schleppers. She said that she was planning to bring one to move the bags, but when she got it out, she realized that she several in her closet, and didn’t need them all. She wanted to get rid of the extras, so she gave one to me and donated one to the pottery lab.

Schlepping my new printer/scanner home from the mall

The timing was perfect. Just when I needed a schlepper, one was given to me for free. The one that she gave me works great for groceries, but I didn’t think that it would work to transport the scanner. I borrowed the one that she had donated to the lab and headed down the hill to the mall. I first went to the hardware store and purchased some bungee cords. Then, I went to the electronics store. I bought a nice printer/scanner combo and used the bungee cords to strap it to the schlepper.

I noticed that the box said that the unit did not come with a USB cord. I didn’t want to risk trying to set it up on wifi alone. I tried to purchase the appropriate cord at the electronics store, but they didn’t have one. They directed me to a cell phone store nearby. I found the store and explained to the clerk what I needed. They didn’t sell the cord that I needed, either, but he went into the back, dug around in a drawer, and came back with the correct cord. He gave it to me for free, which was really nice of him.

All set up and working great!

I’m not saying that the schlep back to my dorm was easy, but it was doable, which would not have been the case without the schlepper. After returning the borrowed schlepper to the pottery lab, I set up the printer/scanner and tried it out. It works great.

It will be so convenient to have a scanner and printer right here in my dorm, where I can use it whenever I want. I’m thankful for all the gifts and seeming coincidences that worked together so that I could get it. I’m pretty sure that God had a hand in the whole thing.

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  1. Do you have a schlepper step-counter? Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. Certainly, God was working over-time to bless you this week! We look forward to your account every Friday.


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